Simple clutch made of Japanese *obi* fabrics ☆母から譲り受けた帯でふくさを作りました☆

Several months back, I made this simple clutch using Japanese *obi* or traditional sash worn around Japanese kimono. 


Here are the Japanese *obi* that were handed down from my mom. It took me some courage to make that first cut into one of these beautiful obi fabrics! Phew!


When my hubby and I attended our friend's wedding recently, I used this clutch to store monetary gift to the newly wed couple. (Note: It's a Japanese custom to bring cash to the wedding reception, wrapped in a special envelope as shown in above photo).


Simple clutch opened.


Gorgeous embroidery stitched entirely on the back side.


I'd like to make more handmade items using these exceptionally beautiful Japanese *obi* fabrics. Happy *obi* stitching!


***Amy Morinaka***

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Handmade Souleiado Tote Finished ♪ソレイア―ドのハンドメイドバッグ♪


I've always adored the simple and classic beauty of the Souleiado fabrics from Provence, France, yet I had difficult time finding them in the U.S... But now that I moved to Japan, I feel so lucky to be able to purchase these gorgeous fabrics at our local craft mega store Yuzawaya


This is the close up of Pre-quilted Soleiado "cheater" patchwork fabric that I purchased recently.


Shop front of Yuzawaya Kamata store. Lots of sales going on!


So I made a simple tote bag using the Souleiado fabric. After some thoughts, I came up with this tote pattern to add darts at the opening. 


Reverse side


 I still want to make some adjustments here and there to improve the design, but I'm pretty much happy with the outcome.

Well that's it for today... Reporting live from Tokyo, with 97 degrees and 70% humidity today (and it's been like this for a while. Agh! (-_-;)



***Amy Morinaka***

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Handmade crochet hook case for the young crocheter♪ 手作りかぎ針ケースをプレゼントしました♪

The rainy season is over and summer has come to Tokyo... Temperature is hitting way over 90F or 33C everyday with high humidity and it's just hot, hot, hot around here!


Despite the miserable weather... I stitched up this handmade gift for a sweet twelve year old girl who makes the loveliest amigurumi with yarns and hooks! 


It's a handy crochet hook case made with the pretty goat fabric. The pattern is my original.


I like to add these tiny embellished balls to decorate both cord ends. How to make these balls are clearly instructed in my book, Zakka Handmades, if you're interested ;)


Aside from the above handmade gift, here's another wip that I'm working on.
Hope you're enjoying your summer stitching!


Hugs from Tokyo,
***Amy Morinaka***

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Sewing for our home and family ♪身のまわりのものをあれこれ作っています♪

Hello everyone from the humid and rainy Tokyo...☂

I'm happy to be back here after a long break from blogging... Yes we're doing fine, adjusting to the life in Japan as a family, day by day.  I've been busy with kids, work, home, and everything in between that I haven't had a chance to get back to daily/routine sewing mode as I used to do back in the U.S., but I'm hanging in there!



Despite the lack of sewing time, I still managed to sew a couple of things over the past several weeks for our home and family, such as...


Patchwork/quilt-as-you-go doormats/kitchen mats. I've made two of them and I'm willing to make more!


Backing is pre-quilted fabric in navy. 


 In between the quilt top and the pre-quilted backing, I sandwiched batting and heavy cotton (four layers of fabrics).  These layers make the mats really soft and cushion-y.


Above you see two handmade mats at our kitchen floor. These stash-busting mats are so fun to make! I enjoy sewing these everyday things the most, as there are no rules or instructions to follow to make them. Mindless sewing really frees up my mind and relieves every day stress ;)


Then I stitched up these wiping cloths or zo-kin (雑巾)by upcycling old towels in our household.  Hope you like the fussy-cut patches that I added to decorate the wipes! lol


I may make a bigger version of these to make bath mats.


I also made these quick and easy curtain for the shoe rack.  Gingham check fabrics are my all time favorite!


Using summer kimono fabrics, I stitched up this baby set (bib and shorts) for my youngest nephew who is nine months old.


For reverse side of bib, I used double gauze.


Japanese kimono fabrics comes in a roll like this. The width is approximately 14 inches (35 cm)
wide. I got this Japanese summer kimono fabric roll from my mom a while ago.

こちらが母から譲り受けた浴衣地です。海外の方にとっては、服地・生地がこのような幅の狭いロール状になっているのは珍しく映るようです。浴衣地の幅は35 cmほどです。

I continued to sew more shorts for my young nephews and nieces.


The panda fabric (in olive green) is from the local dollar store, or 100 yen store. These fabrics are super lightweight, tenugui (手拭い)fabrics that are perfect for summer weather.


Well that's it for today!
I'm hoping to squeeze in more stitching time this summer (fingers crossed!)

この夏はもっとソーイングしたくてたまらない Amy でした☆ 皆さんもお忙しい生活の中でもほっこりできる手芸タイムを大切にしてお過ごしくださいね^^

Hugs from Tokyo,
***Amy Morinaka***

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Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt... Finished! ❤ハートのモザイクミニキルト、完成です❤


Finally... I ticked off one wip item from my to-do list. Yay!


Do you remember this pixelated heart mini quilt that I stitched up a while ago? 



Well, I was finally able to sit down and sew at my new sewing table, after all the hectic weeks of packing, moving, and unpacking.... 


Love this backing!


As long as I have a bit of time to sit down and sew, I am one happy girl! 
Hope you're enjoying your stitching moments♡


Hugs from Tokyo,
***Amy Morinaka***

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Hello from my new sewing space in Tokyo♪ 新居のミシンスペース整いました♪

Hello everyone! 

Just dropping by to let you know that I was able to set up my sewing space here in our new place in Tokyo, upon arrival of our moving packages. It took more than a month to receive my sewing machine and the rest of our moving boxes via ocean from U.S.!! It sure was a long wait!!


While my sewing machine was still in transit, I started English Paper Piecing (EPP) project using these gorgeous fabrics from Lecien (Retro 30's).

ミシンが手元になかった間には手縫いでパッチワークなどをしていました。ご覧の生地はルシアンさんの可愛い Retro 30's のラインから。

Yes, hand stitching definitely takes more time, but it's really nice and relaxing...


I still have bunch of boxes to unpack and organize (our house is a huge mess!), but I can't be happier now that my sewing machine all set up and ready to sew♡

What have you sewn lately? Hope you enjoy your spring sewing!

家の中はまだ段ボールの山、山、山、でしっちゃかめっちゃかですが(^^); とりあえずはミシンスペースが確保できて大満足です♪ 皆さんもどうかソーイングタイムを満喫してお過ごしくださいね♡

Hugs from Tokyo,
***Amy Morinaka***

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Good bye California... Hello Japan! さらばカリフォルニア~日本へ引越します☆彡

Cute embroidered applique patches from Japan

First off, I apologize for the non-existence... It's been quite some time since I blogged here and I truly missed posting about my latest handmade creations!


Fabrics from Japan

The truth is, I haven't had a chance to create for a while, because we are in the midst of our family move to... Tokyo, Japan!! The move is due to my hubby's business and we are moving in just a few more days!!


Colorful acrylic yarns from Yuzawaya, Japan

Our family stayed in Tokyo for over a month in early this year, to take care of our girls' school issues and to settle down in our new place prior to our real move (scheduled in end of March).


Sanrio World, in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Now we're back in California, packing things up for our final move and saying good-byes to our good friends (the worst part...)


Local shrine in Tokyo

This move is going to bring major changes to all of us, because we have enjoyed the sunny California lifestyle for too long! (Almost thirty years for my hubby and I, and for our teenage girls,  their entire lives were spent here.)


From the train station near Kamakura, Japan

We have been preparing for this move for the past few years. As a mom, my major concern was our girls' school issues, whether they can get into schools of their choice and to get accustomed to the school life in Japan. (In Japan, getting into high school is like getting into college in the U.S. - kids are required to study hard to get accepted in the schools of their choice).


Green tea ice cream parfait from cafe in Tokyo

There were emotional moments... but I am so proud of my girls for studying very hard and getting accepted at the schools of their choice (high school for our oldest, and middle school for our youngest). They are finally ready to start new school year in Japan, which begins from April in the Japanese school system.


Cold soba or buckwheat noodles and tempura dinner

We will badly miss our wonderful friends, the beautiful Southern California weather, and the In-n-Out burgers! For me, I will definitely miss the American fabrics...

カリフォルニアの温暖な気候や、近所のハンバーガーショップの名物バーガー(In-n-Out Burgers)、そしてこれまでこの地で仲良くお付き合いしていただいた友人知人との別れはそれはそれは悲しく辛いです(涙、涙…)。手芸を愛する者としては今後はアメリカの生地を入手するのが難しくなると思うとそれも寂しい~。

Me, in front of huge Buddha statue in Kamakura, Japan

However, we are ready to start our new venture in my home country. After all, it's great to be reunited with my hubby's and my family members in Japan. And more than anything, we wish that this experience will be a positive one for our girls.


Packing, packing, packing...

 I look forward to post about our new life in Tokyo. Wish us luck and see you soon!!

Oh and don't forget to check my instagram account @chickchicksewing - I try to post frequently than I do with my blog!

このブログも次回は日本から更新することになるかと思いますが、皆さま、引き続きよろしくお願いします♪ (スマホでインスタグラムをされる方は私のアカウント@chickchicksewing もチェックしてくださいね!)では皆さまもどうかお元気でおすごしください。☆彡

With lots of love from California,
***Amy Morinaka***

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