Making Patchwork *Gamaguchi* Wallet or Metal Frame Coin Purse ♥ パッチワークのがま口財布を作りました♥

Here's my recent handmade item: patchwork gamaguchi wallet or metal frame coin purse I whipped up for a good friend of mine for her birthday. 

My girlfriend and I met while working at a same restaurant when we were still teenagers (which is long long time ago as you can imagine!) We had been close since then despite living in the other side of the globe - U.S. and Japan. Now that I moved back to Japan, my girlfriend and I are reunited again.


The cross-stitched initial "E" in the center of the front panel is my friend's initial. I love adding personal touch to handmade gifts!


Interior of purse is turquoise blue.


Back side 


Do you recall these handmade cards I made using my hand carved stamps recently?


The handmade card goes well with the gamaguchi coin purse when packed together.


Wrapped in a clear bag with a tied red ribbon 💕 The gift is complete!


To celebrate her birthday, I invited my friend over to our tiny apartment with my home cooked meal.  

Chat. Eat. Drink. Repeat. Well basically that's all we did that afternoon at our kitchen table for seven hours straight - which was just great! You know, time just flies when you're with a good friend. There's just so much to catch up!


Wishing you enjoy your August with your family and friends❣


***Amy Morinaka***

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Liila said...

Such a nice pouch and card! You are really talented. Your friend is absolutely lucky to have a friend like you.

Susan said...

One never regrets the time spent with a friend! Your purse and card are a very special reminder of this time and your friendship! Love the embroidered 'E' too!


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