Fabric tray

Fabric tray, originally uploaded by chick chick sewing.

I made this fabric tray to store cards.  In our household, we don't own any of the computer games for our girls to play (DS, Wii, and other Nintendo games), so when the girls get bored (which they often are) they often play with... the good old card games together.  They especially enjoy playing card games as a family when their daddy is around.

At least one set of card deck is always sitting on the table of our family room, often falling off on to the carpet floor, and I always wanted a place to store them.  (The original cases are either gone or torn).  And I think this fabric tray will be a good place to store them.  It is made of cotton (inside) and linen (outside).

I guess I need to make at least four or  five more of these because we have so many card decks in our household, at least one for each room (and one in my car, too)!


Sam said...

What a good idea! And the fabric is so pretty too. Lovely.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

9crafty11 said...

This is a really good idea! Did you use a pattern for this, as I can see heaps of possiblities for an idea like this at my house too!

Unknown said...

Hi, 9crafty11 and thanks for commenting :) Sorry, there is no pattern for this fabric tray, although it's quite simple to make.

1)First I sewed together a fabric sandwich by placing a fleece batting in-between two fabrics (making sure to leave an opening for turning),
2) then turned the fabric sandwich inside out, 3) then top stitched all four sides (just like making any coasters or table mats),
4) then finally handstiched four corners using 3-4 strands of embroidery threads... hope this helps! (Maybe I should do a quick tutorial of this one of these days... ;)

9crafty11 said...

Thanks for the tips..I will keep this in mind. I want to make one for business/moo cards & perhaps one for recycled note paper. You know simple ideas are always the best, & you will be surprised how many people will like a tuturial like this one!


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