Basket cover

Of all the great ideas out there on what to make out of a piece of fat quarter fabric (measuring 18 inch x 22 inch, or approximately 45 cm x 55 cm), what I made is a simple cloth to cover the basket... It's too simple to even call it a sewing project, but I thought the cloth covers whatever is stored inside the basket (we normally store a hair dryer inside here) and to prevent dust off from it.

It may be a little hard to recognize from this photo, but I sewed a small handmade linen tag on to the corner of this fabric cover.  The tag has my handcarved "chick" stamp on it. 

 Can you see?


Sam said...

What a good idea, and it looks great with the sweet little stamp sewn on. What did you use to stamp with, just a normal ink pad or something else?

Unknown said...

Hi, my friend Sam! I used stamp pads that are good for fabrics (the product I used is called VersaMagic Dew Drops). Just don't forget to press it with hot iron for about 30 seconds after stamping it on to the fabric of your choice. Enjoy!

Sam said...

Thank you :-) I will have to look for those (I have the normal Versa Color ink pads) and give it a try.


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