Crocheted coaster and my Liberty of London collection (from Target)

 I crocheted another coaster one afternoon while I waited for my daughters' after school activity classes.

Our 10 year old takes weekly ice skating lessons, our 8 year old takes weekly gymnastics classes, and both girls go to  Math & Reading tutoring classes (twice a week) during the weekdays after school.  Oh, and they also go to the Japanese school on every Saturday mornings until around noon.  

On top of these activities, they like to schedule playdates with their friends, and  I am the minivan driver to all of the places they go to...
Give some break to the driver please!

Anyways, the pink coaster to the left below is the one crocheted earlier, and to the right (the blue one) is the one I made this week.  Both are made of 100 % cotton yarns.

Here's the close up.  I like the edging trims of these coasters.

I was planning to use these in our kitchen for everyday use, but my older daughter wants to keep them in her room.  She wants to use these coasters when her friends come over to visit her.  (And they don't even drink tea! )

And this mug is my recent favorite.  It's one of the Liberty of London collection from Target.

 Set of four mugs was $19.99... How could I resist?  

I guess I can't compare these "Target" Liberties with the genuine Liberty of London mugs sold at the original store in England... but I'm still happy with these "Target" Liberties!!   Very sweet and affordable.

Actually, besides these mugs, I've got more stuff from the Libery at Target collection lately...

Such as... cartons for storage...

and even curtains!

And my Liberty at Target collection may continue to grow (until my hubby becomes allergic to these bold floral prints all over in our house ;)

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PY said...

I like your coasters , such sweet and lovely colours!The mugs are beautiful too.Do you drink your green tea using those lovely mugs ?


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