Feedsack and linen bird coin purse

Hello my fellow crafty friends!
(From my handmade birdy pouches :)

These coin purses / mini zipper pouches are made of my original pattern, and this time, I made these cute guys with a combination of linen and my antique feedsack fabrics.

I purchased these feedsack collection at the Long Beach Quilt Festival in the summer of 2010, and I had been hoarding them ever since, imagining what to make from these precious bits of fabrics...  I finally decided to make use of them, starting with small bits and pieces.

As I'd imagined, I think feedsack and linen is a perfect match!

These zipper pouches are fully lined and padded with fleece batting, so it's safe enough to carry small gadgets such as digital cameras and cell phones inside.

These bird coin purses are listed in my shop now.   Hope they can find their new lovely home soon ;)


verykerryberry said...

The feedsack and the linen is lovely- and the bright zippers work perfectly!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Kerry! I had been hesitating to use my *precious* feedsack collection, but I'm glad I made use of them, finally! See, sometimes it takes a lot of courage just to cut the fabrics that I love, and I'm sure you understand what I mean ;)
***Love, Amy***


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