Cinamoroll iPad cover for my daughter ♪長女にシナモロールの iPad カバー♪

Per request from my fourteen year old daughter, I made this iPad cover using Japanese character fabric (Cinamoroll).  I have made a couple of iPad covers in the past, and once again I followed this awesome tutorial by one shabby chic. The entire cover is machine quilted throughout, which gives a good protection against everyday use.

我が家の14才の長女のために、手持ちのシナモロール(サンリオ)の生地を使ってiPadケースを作りました。作り方はこちらのレシピを参考にしています。 →☆ このカバー、全体をミシンキルトしているのでとても丈夫な仕上がりです。

Actually, using the same Cinamoroll fabric, I have made a laptop cover for this girl before (above photo to the left).  She has been using my hubby's old laptop until now for her school work, social media, and such...


But now she took over my iPad, so she needed a new cover!


This is the cover I had been using until now to protect my iPad. I liked it, but my daughter wanted something else that better suits her taste. Talk about fabric pickiness! And I wonder where she got it from... lol

これはこれまで私が使っていた手作りの iPadカバーです。長女は一体誰に似たのか・・・生地の好き嫌いが激しいです(笑)。私がこれまで使っていた iPadカバーの柄では不服らしく、シナモンちゃん(シナモロール)の生地で作って~~と依頼されました。

Now we have two iPad covers for just one iPad...


Aside from the above two iPad covers, do you recall this iPad cover that I made for my sis earlier?  

そうそう、我が家で使用中の iPad カバー以外にも、少し前には妹から頼まれてこのハミガキ柄の iPad カバーを作ったことも思い出しましたよ。詳しくはこちらの記事に。→☆

I wasn't sure if we needed another iPad cover, but I think it all worth it as my girl seems happy with her new iPad cover...! 

 iPad カバーばかりそんなにいらないとは思いましたが、長女が新しいカバーを喜んで使っている様子をみたらまあいいか・・・という気になりました。バカ親ですね~、はい。^^;

***Love, Amy***

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