Snoopy handmade coin purse/IC card holder made for my daughter ♪ 娘のパスケース兼お財布をハンドメイド ♪

Hello everyone and how's your February going? Hope all is going well!

Well there hasn't been much sewing going on in my life lately as much as I wanted... but I still managed to make a couple of stuff here and there. It's been a while since I last blogged and I'm so happy to share them with you today!


Using Snoopy pre-quilted fabric, I stitched up coin purse/IC card holder/small pouch for my youngest middle school girl. Now that we live in Tokyo, our girl takes public transportation to go to school everyday and I wanted to make her a handy pouch that holds her Pasmo card (bus pass/train pass), some cash and other necessities such as chapstick all in one place.


The wristlet is detachable.


The pouch can be attached to the bag for easy access.


Inside out looks like this.


And here are other stuff or handmade zakka  that I've made in the past weeks but haven't had a chance to share in this blog yet.  However, if you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, these should look familiar to you!



Tiny patchwork coin purse/card holder I made for myself. 


The pattern is my original. Or actually it's still a working pattern with flaws that I'd like to fix.


And here are some head bands/ear warmers that I made for my younger sis who lives in the mid west state with her family.


Knitted version with crocheted flower. You may think that the attached flower decoration is too girly considering the age of my sis (forty-something-year-old)... which I totally agree (lol).


Then I went on to make two more head bands/ear warmers, this time with crochet.


100% wool yarns I used are from the local 100 yen store (dollar store). 


Here's the patchwork log cabin blocks I stitched up with happy colors♥


And here's the hanging tissue box cover I made for our home.



Well that's it for today! Keep yourself warm and cozy (if you live in the northern hemisphere as we do) and enjoy the rest of the week♥

***Amy Morinaka***

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faith said...

So cute! Thank you for the inspiration

Susan said...

All such cute makes Amy! You make the sweetest things- the Snoopy purse it adorable! We are hanging on to our Summer days here in I'm thinking of you staying warm!


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