Quilt-as-you-go scrappy star panels & My free patterns at Kokka-online site☆ Irome 生地を使ってミシンピーシング&kokka さんのサイトで無料レシピ公開中です☆

Hello everyone from Tokyo☆

This week I finished filing our taxes (yes it's that time of the year again) and guess what I did as soon as I finished them! I ran to my sewing machine and frantically began sewing like a maniac as always! lol 


You see, sewing has been my best stress reliever (besides drinking...) and I know that it will always be!! 


 I stitched up two panels of  quilt-as-you-go scrappy star panels mainly using Kokka's beautiful Irome fabric collection. 

今回は大好きなコッカさんの Irome (いろめ)シリーズの生地をメインに使ってミシンで気ままにストリップピーシング&ミシンキルティングしてみました。

The scrappy star used in these panels are made following my Scrappy Star Square bag pattern.

今回使った星のパターンは、私のオリジナル作品 Scrappy Star Square Bag (キラキラ星のキルトバッグ)から。

These panels measure 14" x 11" (35cm x 27.5 cm).  I can't wait to show you what these panels will turn into... soon!

それぞれ 35 cm x 27.5 cm 大のパネルが2枚仕上がりました。これで何ができるのかはお楽しみです♪

Speaking of my original patterns, free tutorials of my original patterns are available at Kokka-Fabric online site in Japanese!


Free patterns available at Kokka-online site:

Scrappy Star Square Bag (キラキラ星のキルトバッグ)→☆

Stella Dome Pouch (5つ星のバッグ)→★

If you are interested in English version of these patterns, they are available at my etsy shop.


Happy sewing and have a stitchy kind of weekend my friends!♥♥♥


***Amy Morinaka***

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