New apple tote

This is a new tote bag for my daughter who carries a lot of stuff to her school... lunch, bottled water, snacks, textbooks, notebooks, pencil case, chapstick, hand sanitizer...and what else?

The apple fabrics (light blue and red) are used on both sides of the tote, front and back, as big pockets for her to stash things in. There are also two small pockets inside. The apple fabrics used for the outside pockets are the Metro Market line from Monaluna, which I purchased from Sew Mama Sew shop some time ago. I also used cotton batting throughout to make the bag sturdy.

Hope you have a good weekend and happy sewing!


Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

Good Luck with your blog! <3

Unknown said...

thank you, Nicole, for posting the very first comment on my new blog :)


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