New Crafting Blog

Hi all. I am so excited to start my own blog after enjoying all the wonderful crafty inspirational blogs out there.

I just love to make everything handmade, especially by sewing, embroidering, and crocheting. I've been posting my finished projects on my flickr page for a while but starting my crafting blog was on my mind for quite sometime. And I'm so happy to tell you that today is the day of the new beginning!

This is a place for me to showcase my finished projects as well as the work in progress projects and hopefully to inspire myself and others to be more crafty.

This is my latest project. It's a drawstring bag and it will be a gift to my girlfriend who lives in Japan. I embroidered her initial "T" using my sewing machine. Outer fabric is linen, and the lining fabric is flower cotton lawn fabric (although this is a reversible bag). I like the way this bag turned out and I hope my friend likes it, too.

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