Cinnamoroll small bags シナモロールのミニ巾着

For a quick sewing project, I whipped up these small drawstring bags for our girls last night after dinner.

Our girls like the "Cinnamoroll" character from Sanrio, who is this white dog with long ears.   So I used small pieces of Cinnamoroll fabrics from my stash to make these bags. 


Another view of bags

Recently, I purchased this rack (above and below) from the local IKEA store.  It was about $10 a piece, and I was able to assemble the rack on to the wall by myself.  Yay!

As you may already know, many IKEA products are DIY products and some of them require extensive assembly that I could NEVER be able to tackle myself. But thankfully, this one was simple enough for me to put together... phew!

Besides the rack, I also got some fabrics from IKEA.   I like the Scandinavian taste of the IKEA fabrics.

I'm thinking about making some bags out of these fabrics.   But I have a super long list of projects that I want to sew, so I'm not exactly sure when I can sew bags using these fabrics, though... I'll see ;)


Tempest Ahoy said...


Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

Hi Amy, I'm amazed at the speed you sew things... u seem to have a project every other day hehe... :D well done again!
Hop on over to my blog to join my giveaway ya..


cocostitch said...


PY said...

Amy, good work!The bags are lovely and the sweet pink colour are just perfect for your girls!

I love the fabric you got from Ikea too.The colours and the prints are so pretty !

Hiromi said...


The fabrics I got from IKEA last week are different from yours! But I really liked those you purchased. I will update my stuff on my blog maybe tonight from Japan!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your encouraging comments, always :)

These drawstring bags has no linings so they were super quick to sew. Now that I can serge the edges, it was even quicker :) Viva! to my serger!! (Here goes another addiction for me ... he he ;)

Unknown said...

Grace - I don't know if I sew fast or not, but I just can't help but to keep sewing, since I'm a true addict ;)

Cocostitch さん-巾着の紐部分に付けたビーズは娘たちの(おもちゃの)ビーズボックスから拝借したものです。何気に付けてみましたが確かに1つつけるだけでアクセントになりますね!

Hiromi さん-日本はどうですか? IKEAの生地選び、私も店頭でさんざん迷ったんです~。 今回購入した生地はすべて厚地(Canvas?)だったのでバッグ作りにいいかな?と思いました。 


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