Gift to... me!!

Hi all!

Today was my birthday and let me allow to show off my birthday gift that I got for ME (ha ha), for my past, present, and future birthdays to come ... :D
Yes, it's a Babylock serger.  (Or it's called  ロックミシン in Japanese).

I already own a regular sewing machine from Brother (below image), but I've always, always, always wanted to get a serger to sew more clothing.

Since I got my new serger, I've been practicing serging lately.   And although I'm a true beginner in serging, I'm already loving it!   The threading steps are simple enough for me to understand and follow, and better yet, the results are awesome!  

The best part is that I can now sew knit fabrics with ease, and finishing edges for any fabric is a breeze.

Shown below, these are just a couple of quick serging that I did over the past few days.

My daughter outgrew this summer dress (made of knit fabric), so I shortened the dress and made it into a summer top instead. 

   Before (original length)                              After (shortened length)

Serged the bottom edges like this

Using the excess fabric that I had cut out from the dress, I made a matching hair scrunchie.  The edges are finished with serger again here.

And this smocked top that I recently whipped up for my daughter...

I simply serged together the short ends of the smocked fabric to connect both ends...

And I'm not sure if you can really tell from this image, but I used rolled hem function to finish the bottom edges in one single step.  It was quick!

 I haven't really sewn a real clothing from scratch using this serger yet, but I know I will be sewing up in a storm this summer ;)

Thanks for reading and hope you continue to enjoy your summer days.


Hiromi said...

Happy birthday Amy!

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you dear Amy :D

PY said...

Amy, Happy Belated Birthday !
Wow, What a beautiful serger ! I understand how happy & excited you are !

kat said...

Happy Birthday ! I made a baby futon cover last night & finished the edges with my sewing machine..Which started me thinking that maybe a serger would be a good thing to have...then here you are blogging about it..must be karma!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind birthday greetings to me :)


WhimsyLoft -Thanks! And BTW your sticker tapes are sooooo cute ;)

PY - Yes, as you can imagine, I am super excited about my new serger, and you are my major *inspiration* for sewing nice clothings!

kat - OMG you're too funny! But who knows? There may be a real karma between us! lol

jean said...

hi amy! i am a silent reader but I can't help this time to comment cos whenever I see a serger, iam also very happy for you cos it is truly a wonderful machine to have to ppl like us who sew :-) because it definitely made our job so much easier and neater (in a way)... happy using it!

Unknown said...

Hi, jean, and thanks for visiting :) You're absolutely right, serger is a wonderful machine and it really does make our job easier and neater! I don't think I can live without it, once I got accustomed to it! Happy sewing and let's have more fun serging!!


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