Reversible grocery bags

I added 2 new items in my shop today: reversible grocery bags.

This particular bag shown above is made of fun elephant fabric in heavy weight home decor fabrics, and the reversible side is made of 100% cotton in navy/white polka dots. 

Bias tapes are used for the center ribbons to securely hold items in the bag.

These bags are very roomy and durable. They can hold fairly large items inside,
such as big milk cartons, tall tissue boxes, a wine bottle, and a bag of bagels, with ease.

And the best part is that it can be folded in to a compact roll like this!

This is another reversible grocery bag listed in my shop today.
The exterior of this bag is brown/pink polka dots (heavy weight home decor fabrics) and the reversible side is 100% cotton in cheerful birds.

I personally own five or six of these grocery bags myself, and I usually keep them in my car.  Every time we go shopping to our local supermarkets, farmers' markets, drugstores, etc. I just grab these bags from my car and head to the stores.

... Or actually, I often forget to bring these bags when I go shopping.  When that happens, our girls and I rush back to the parking lot to get these grocery bags from the car and go straight back to the store... Oh what a hassle!
Sorry, girls, your mama gets forgetful at times :P

Anyways, this is the reversible side of the brown/pink polka dots grocery bag.
I like this fabric with cheerful birds on branches.

I also wanted to show you the same bag pattern in blue polka dots print,
which was recently sold in my shop (thank you :)

As you can see here, the handles of this bag are "O" shaped.

And for these newly added bags, the handles are "U" shaped. 
Can you see the difference?

As mentioned, the bag size and pattern are exactly the same for these bags.  
 I just wanted to experiment with the handles placement.

I figured that whether the handles are "O" shaped or "U" shaped,
the bag still holds as much stuff inside and they both fold compactly into a roll, which is just wonderful!

Well, thanks for viewing and hope you have an eco-friendly shopping season!
Just don't forget to bring your own bag to the store :P


ayumills said...

The elephant one is so cute and so are others :)

Speckled Hen said...

Love eco-friendly shopping - especially one shops with stlye carrying such a fantastic
Love your choice of this bold and funky looking elephant fabrics!! Really emphasize on how cute, strong and durable these bags are!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your sweet comments! You really made my day merrier. (Well, actually, not just for one day, but for many days :)

Hope you all enjoy eco-friendly shopping this holiday season!


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