Flex frame eye glasses case

One of my good friends asked me whether I can make her a handy eye glasses case, using flex frames.  She found out about my Japan Relief fundraising efforts through my handmade creations, and placed me an order, which was very kind of her!

She selected the fabrics (cute goats on red) and I quickly whipped up the eye glasses case for her.

This flex frame case is fully padded with fusible fleece, and I think it's a good size to keep the eye glasses inside.   It measures approximately 4 inch x 7.5 inch, or 10 cm x 19 cm (from top to bottom).

Flex frame pouches can be opened easily with just one hand...

Using the same cute goat fabric, I made a matching small tissue cozy for her to keep in her purse.
Hope she likes the set!

And before I go, I wanted to share these beautiful images of the flower bouquet that I received recently, from my friend.

Unbelievably, my friend arranged this lovely bouquet by herself, and she's not even a florist!!

It's been quite some time since I received such beautiful flowers from any one... and that is including my hubby!!

Of course, I bragged about this beautiful flower gift to my hubby and explained to him in detail how much I was delighted to receive such pretty bouquet from my friend... I hope he sensed that demanding look in my eyes and hopefully he would get me one of these pretty flowers in the near future... although I know that is very unlikely...

After 20+ years of being together, I know that my hubby is not a kind of guy who would buy flowers to his *loving* wife...  He is more of a guy who would buy fresh sushi or a big bucket of green tea ice cream to his wife to please her (not to mention that sushi and green tea ice cream are HIS favorites and NOT mine!)  lol

Flower gift or a sushi gift... which would you rather receive?   Well, whichever it may be, I wish you all have a lovely weekend!!  Ciao!


Anonymous said...

I love your eye glass case and tissue packet. I think she will be really happy with those.
Well I have to say it would be a toss up between the flowers and the food and drink!!.hehe..he.e.

Speckled Hen said...

Amy, your flex frame glass case is lovely, so is your tissue case. Hope to see more of your flex frame glass case - in two kinds of fabric combo if possible.
I love receiving both flowers and foody treats. But flowers are just a little bit extra special...

Unknown said...

Jeannie - Thank you always for your sweet comments!! I hope my friend likes this set, too :)

Speckled Hen - Thank you! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed around here! And yes, I'd definitely would like to make more of these flex frame eye glasses cases, in two kinds of fabrics... I'd have to decide the fabric mix & match, which is of course, the fun part ;)

PY said...

Amy, this is just too cute !
I prefer sushi since I have flowers in my garden......hehehe !

Unknown said...

PY - Lucky you to have beautiful flower garden in your house! I guess I shall continue to beg my hubby to get me some pretty flowers, as we don't have any in our yard ;)


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