Reversible library tote bag for a nine year old

Here is something that I made a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to post...

It's a reversible tote bag that I made for a nine year old girl for her birthday.  She is a good friend of my younger daughter, who selected the fabrics of the bag exterior.   It seems like the 3rd grade girls nowadays are really into these "peace sign" prints... 

This is the reversible side of the bag.  Can you tell that I selected the fabrics on this side??
I like the fresh combination of green x white polka dots and strawberry prints.

This is the handmade bag charm that I made with a few strands of embroidery threads and pom poms.  I simply crocheted embroidery threads to make cords, and sewed pastel colored pom poms on both sides of the hand crocheted cords.

I like to attach these pom poms to the handmade bag like this...

 Side view.   The bag can carry enough library books and personal belongings for a young girl.

I love to make handmade gifts for young children, and I just wish that this bag will be (heavily) used by the nine year old girl :)

Thanks for looking and hope you continue to enjoy your week!!


PY said...

What a sweet lovely bag!Lucky birthday girl !

Farah said...

So sweet


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