Linen cutlery (and chopsticks) organizer

Hello all :)  Hope you're enjoying your summer days.

 Well, for our family, it's been five weeks into our kids' summer break, and I'm having a challenging time of the year...  I mean, it's so hard to keep a schedule and do my work, keep kids busy and keep myself sane, all at the same time when kids are free in summer!!  

 Anyways... I haven't really had enough chance to sit in front of my sewing machine lately due to the above reasons, but I managed to make these linen cutlery organizers with handles recently :)

These fabric organizers are fully reversible.  As you can see, I used linen on one side, and home decor fabrics (pink and navy dots) on another.

I lined them with interfacing, and with a combination of home decor fabric, they are sturdy enough to stand on its own.

 Side view.  The approximate height is 2.75 inches (7 cm), not including the handles.

Bottom view.  Depth is approximately 3.25 inches (8.25 cm).

I made these linen organizers to store our cutlerys and chopsticks to place them on our kitchen table...

But it can also be used to store stationery around the desk, or to store sewing supplies at your sewing area.

We've been using these at our kitchen table lately, and these are very convenient to use.

I realy like the combination of polka dots and simple linen :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you're enjoying your crafty moments, no matter how busy your schedule may  be... ;)

***Love, Amy***


Wendy said...

What a fantastic idea! My cutlery drawer could do with some organisation like this! And the linen with the polka dots... gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Those are so adorable!
I hope your summer is not as hot as it is here in Florida!
I like your new look too.

Unknown said...

Wendy - Thank you for your lovely comment! These linen organizers are easy to make, yet there are many uses - a nice addition to any room :) BTW I love your portrait wedding pic... so elegant and beautiful!

Jeannie - Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, AS ALWAYS!! Well, here in the southern Cal, the weather is not that hot, in fact, we feel that it's a bit cold for July (we'd like it hotter). I hope you're not baked up in Florida... Take care!

PY said...

Amy, adorable!Plain Linen always match weii with other fabrics.
I like your new creations,lovely and practical !

Unknown said...

PY - Yes, linen goes well with all sorts of prints; just like the *tofu* goes well with various dishes... which is only my opinion so please ignore me if you don't agree :D (LOL)


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