Knitting again

This is something that I've been enjoying working on lately, while I wait for our kids after school classes (e.g., ice skating, gymnastics, math classes...)   Yes, I picked up knitting again, and my goal is to make a cowl scarf / neck warmer for myself.

I self taught how to knit when I was a teenager (which is about three decades ago, by the way... lol), and back then, I did not know how to crochet, so all of my yarn work involved knitting.  But ever since I learned how to crochet a few years back (yes, I self taught crocheting, too), I've been a crocheter more than a knitter.  But in truth, I love to both knit and to crochet, so I decided to knit again!

 Here's the close up of my knitted work so far.  This is called "seed stitch" or かのこ編み in Japanese, and it has a bumpy look and feel.  Basically, it's a simple stitch made of repeating single knit and purls.

I carry my knitting work in this Hello Kitty repurposed drawstring bag, which is made of our girls' old PJs that they no longer fit.

I keep this bag in my car, and in my car at the parking lot, I just knit, knit, knit, while I wait for our girls... which is a very fulfilling and happy moment for me!

Thanks for reading and hope you're enjoying your happy moments in your life :)


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much knitting and crocheting I got done waiting for my kids over the years..ha.h.aa..this looks wonderful and will make a nice scarf.

Hiromi said...

I work in the car at the parking lot of the ballet school and some other places too. It is a good thing of the cooler season that I can wait in my car without getting boiled. Currently I am working on my crochet project and I would love to go back to knit again. I need a pair of socks for myself! Let's enjoy our Knitting season!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jeannie, and Hiromi, for your warmest words, as always :)

Knitting/crocheting while we wait for our kids seem like a perfect way to use our precious time, esp in the car... It's so funny because now that I've started my knitting project, I'm looking forward to my kids' after school activities than our kids are for their own classes! lol :D


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