Matryoshka love

I don't know why, but I love Russian matryoshka dolls so much.  Especially the fabrics!!

 I just listed these large zipper pouches in my etsy shop, in three different colors, which are made of my favorite matryoshka and dala horse fabric.  These are corduroy print fabrics imported from Japan.

The zipper pouches has flat bottom which adds more room to the pouch.   Small wood beads are attached to the zipper pull.

Because these pouches are fully padded with fleece batting, they're safe enough to carry small gadgets such as cell phones and digital cameras inside.

Just to tell you how much I love matryoshka prints, I'd like to show you some of my other handmade items made of matryoshka prints...

This one is a reversible everyday tote bag, featuring large matryoshka dolls and mushrooms.  This fabric is also a Japanese import.

The reversible side looks like this... Can you see the tiny matryoshka tape tag attached to the side of the pocket?   This bag has been already sold in my shop (thank you!), but I may relist it in my shop because I personally loved it so much :)

Here's another handmade item of mine made of matryoshka prints, also imported from Japan.  This item is currently listed in my shop.

In the past years, I remember making few other items featuring matryoshka, such as these fabric covered button magnets. 

Aren't they adorable??? 

And you may also recall these sachets, too.   Sometime ago, I made these lavender sachets using my hand carved eraser stamp of matryoshka doll.  Here's the post about these.

Maybe I was a Russian in my past life... Or maybe I was just a nesting doll collector... lol.  No matter what it is, my love of matryoshka does not seem to stop!

Happy matryoshka and happy sewing!   Hope you continue to enjoy your week :)


Farah said...

Love the colour and pattern of reversible bag... it looks so cheerful Amy
Visit me if you can

Unknown said...

Thank you, Farah! I love this matryoshka bag, too ;)


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