Rilakkuma mini tote bag

I finally had a chance to make this bag for my twelve year old girl  - a Rilakkuma mini tote bag. 

She has been nagging asking me to make this mini tote for her for the past few months, but because I had a long list of "sewing to do" list during the holidays and for my shop, her request got pushed back until this week...  Sorry, girl!

The Rilakkuma fabric used to make this tote bag has a canvas feel, which is heavier than the normal cotton.  I also used home decor fabrics (in navy dots) for the bag handles and bag bottom for reinforcement.  The tote bag is fully lined with fleece batting and interfacing for extra durability.  The bag has a zipper opening.

She plans to use this mini tote as her lunch bag. She even bought a matching Rilakkuma bento box (lunch container) with her own money to go with this bag. (The red plastic container placed inside the bag).

Today, she brought her brand new mini tote bag, with her lunch inside, to her Saturday Japanese language school.  As you can imagine, getting up early on Saturday mornings to attend Japanese school every weekend is not the most exciting thing for our kids (or for any kid!)    I always tell our girls that it takes effort to grow up being a bilingual person, but the hard work will eventually pay off when they grow up... hopefully.   (Fingers are being crossed... lol.)

Anyways, so on every Saturday mornings, I try to pack our girls' favorite lunch for their school.   Today I fixed homemade gyoza potstickers and rice for them, and  a new lunch bag like this one will hopefully make going to school on Saturdays a bit more fun  for them :)     Well, which means that I must make another lunch bag for my younger girl soon, too \*~*/ 

Thanks for reading and hope you continue to enjoy your weekend! 


cocostitch said...


PY said...

Love this! I need one like this but still do not have time to sew..... :D

Unknown said...

@cocostitch-いつもありがとう♪ 今回はお弁当レシピまで!早速、さつま芋(日系スーパーで入手)を素揚げしてみたら子供達にも好評でした!今回は、たまたま傍にあった粉チーズ&ガーリックソルトをふってみましたが、軽く塩するだけでもイケますね♪ 助かりました^^


@PY - Thank you, PY, and Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you can find time to sew despite your busy schedule ;D Good luck!

Prinsesamee said...

Great idea! I wanna sew a bigger Rilakkuma bag where I could put all my collection of Rilakkuma rainbow that I bought from PIJ Thanks for this post!


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