Handmade door mat

We had guests from Taiwan staying with us for a while, and before welcoming the guests, the first thing I did was to whip up this door mat!  Our old door mat was getting so dirty from heavy use, so I definitely had to replace it with a new one.

To save time for quilting, I used pre-quilted fabric for the reverse side.  For additional softness, I sandwiched fleece batting in between the outer fabric (gray floral) and the pre-quilted fabric used for the reverse side.  Also to prevent the mat from slipping, a non-slip mat is placed underneath the mat, as you can see.

The reverse side of the mat looks like this.

Mitered corners...

As for the fabrics, I used my favorite DS quilt collection line from our local Joann store.  

 I don't even think that our guests will even notice my handmade door mat (lol) and despite the fact that I was in a big rush to make this one, I'm happy with how it turned out!

Thanks for visiting and hope all is well for my fellow crafty friends out there :)

***Love, Amy***


PY said...

Nice ! I like it !

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY! Hope you had an enjoyable Chinese new year celebration :)

The good thing about handmade door mats and rugs is that unlike some of the store bought ones, it can be washed over and over after heavy use... which we always do! (lol)


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