Handmade Rilakkuma tote bag for my daughter

Hello all! Hope you're enjoying the beautiful month of May.

I had been quite busy lately, both at work and home, but I still managed to create handmade things for the people who I care...because that's what I enjoy doing the most!

Anyways, here's the tote bag that I made for my oldest daughter, who is twelve years old. As always, my daughter selected the fabrics from my stash in a picky manner :P  This one is a Rilakkuma fabric (Japanese lazy bear character) from Japan.

We are a bilingual family and our girls go to the Japanese language school on every Saturdays. This tote bag was specifically made for my girl to carry her textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., to her Japanese school.

The lining of the bag is pink... as we all know by now (lol). She wanted a large inside pocket to hold her valuables...

Here she put her textbooks inside the bag.

And of course, she has to hang this large and puffy Rilakkuma bear and other dangly things to the bag handles...

It seems to me that the hanging bear may be a bit too big for the bag... but that's okay, as long as my girls is happy :D
Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to post again soon :)
***Love, Amy***


Wendy said...

Such a cute bag, love the fabric! It's great that your daughter is growing up bilingual

Anonymous said...

That is an adorable kids bag and the bear is just perfect!! it's nice to see kids be kids!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies, for your sweet comments!

Wendy - We're trying our best to raise our kids to become bilinguall, but it's not always easy to take our girls to school every Saturday mornings... :(

Jeannie - Definitely! My twelve year old acts like a teenager at times (which isn't all that great), but I like to see her walking around carrying her mommy's handmade bag with bunch of little bears on it! (lol) After all she's still twelve, I think ;)

PY said...

What a sweet handmade from Mum ! Your girls so lucky to have you !

Bridget said...

Oh my goodness, very cute bag! I have that fabric on the inside of my niece's rilakkuma bento bag! Where did you manage to purcahse it from? I have been looking for ages so that i can make her a skirt. : )

Unknown said...

Hello Bridget, thank you for stopping by!

This rilakkuma fabric, I purchased in Japan a while ago... As you know, it's a canvas weight fabric, so it was quite pricey (a little more than $20/meter?)so I was only able to get a small piece of it :(

Anyways, thanks again and happy sewing!


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