Handmade tennis racket bag for my daughter

Recently, our ten year old girl began taking tennis lessons with her friend so we got her a new junior size tennis racket.

It didn't come with a case, so what does a penny-saving-DIY-mom do???
Yes! I decided to make one for her :D

As I've mentioned in this blog a number of times, our girls are super picky with their fabric choices (and guess where they got it from? lol), so I had my daughter select fabrics for her racket bag.

The exterior fabric (in pink peace sign) is home decor weight heavy cotton. For the lining, soft fleece is used to protect the racket.  Batting was not necessary with this fabric combination.

 The racket fits perfectly inside this "custom ordered" racket bag.

The racket bag is finished and our daughter is off to the court!
But wait, I shall make another bag for her friend now :D

Hope my girl enjoys playing tennis with her new racket protected in her mom's handmade racket bag :)


gazimama said...

次女ちゃんはテニスなんですね!爽やか~。ラケットバッグ可愛い。ナイス!次女ちゃんが10歳って箇所びっくりしちゃいました。(T . T)最近までうちの長男とお宅の長女ちゃんが10歳だったのに~。時が立つのは早いですね。(脱線してごめんなさい。)

Unknown said...



tennisgear said...

Nice Bags.The color of Tennis bags is superb.specially the black print makes it the different from other.I enjoyed reading your article, many thanks….
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Unknown said...

Thank you, tennisgear, for taking your time to visit my post! Hope you're having a good time at the court ;)

PY said...

Such a sweet and pretty bag ! Your girl is so lucky to have a crafty mum like you .

Unknown said...

PY, thanks for your nice comments, as always! I just made another tennis racket bag for my daughter's friend so now both girls are bringing the same bag to the same class :D


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