Flex Frame Glasses Holder

Today is the first day of September and the summer is officially over...
But in our household, it's still summer time because our girls' school hasn't started yet, and I just can't wait to go back to school. Well, I mean for my kids to go back to school!  Don't get me wrong, I love my children, but you know, I think twelve weeks of summer is long enough for everyone!
今日から9月。 季節はもう秋・・・のはずですが、我が家ではいまだに夏真っ盛り。というのも、娘たちの新学期がまだ始まっていないからです。 12週間の夏休みは母には長すぎます(涙)。
So here's something that one exhausted mom (me) made recently while her kids continue to enjoy their endless summer (lol). These are flex frame pouches made with 4" (10 cm) flex frame at the opening. I combined cheerful fabrics together and lined it with fleece batting throughout.   It's a perfect size to carry sunglasses, pens and pencils, crochet hooks, etc. inside.
娘たちが引き続き夏を満喫している中、疲れた母さん(私のことです。笑)はこんなの作ってました。 10センチ幅の縦長バネポーチです。 明るい生地を組み合わせてみました。 サングラスや筆記用具、かぎ針などを入れるのにちょうど良いサイズです。

This flex frame pouch is made with the Roses print from Heather Ross. I made it a while ago for my girlfriend's belated birthday gift. 

Tiny lace trim is sewn between the side seam...

The gift was given to my girlfriend several months late from her birthday... sorry friend :( 

Thank you for visiting today, and I will come back as soon as our girls' summer is over (in a few more days)! Hope you have a wonderful month of September.
今日も訪問ありがとうございます。我が家の夏休みが終わったらまたすぐにこちらに戻ってきますね。 皆さんにとって、9月も良い月になりますように!
***Love, Amy***


Z said...

You always make such lovely things.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Z!

And you always leave such nice comments on my blog... ;) Thanks, always, to my dear crafty friend!! Love, Amy

Seda Gürsoy said...

Hey these are very nice! I'll definitely try to make one too :)

Unknown said...

Hello Craft and Decorate :)

Flex frame pouches are so easy to sew yet very convenient to use, so you should definitely try to make one yourself!! Happy sewing and thanks so much for your sweet comments! Love, Amy


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