Crocheting Cotton Doilies

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to post about something bright and summer-y, because it's melting hot today here in the Los Angeles area where we live (over 90F or 32C)...  And because we don't have a/c in our house, I am literally melting...

私たちの暮らすロサンゼルス近郊の今日の最高気温は32C。 我が家には冷房というものがないのでこんな日は暑さでバテ気味です。 今日は何か夏らしいものをご紹介できれば・・・と思いました。

Does these cotton doilies look summer-y to you?  Hope so!
I crocheted these using 100% cotton yarns (Sugar'n Cream yarn from Lily) with my original pattern.

コットン毛糸でドイリーを編んでみました。 夏らしい作品に見えるかな? 毛糸はLily のSugar'n Cream、編み図は自作です。

These cotton doilies will be used as coasters in our household. You may already know this, but we have a few pink fanatics in our house (yes, our girls) so everything I make for them has to have something *pink* in it.

このドイリーは我が家のコースターとして使う予定。 うちにはピンク大好きな娘たちがいるので、彼女たちが使うものにはだいたいどこかにピンクを入れる羽目になることが多いのです…。

My daughter selected this yarn a while ago at our local Joann. I think she liked the variegated pink color of this yarn, but until I began crocheting with this yarn, I had no idea that this was a *scented* yarn!

この毛糸は少し前に近所の手芸量販店  Joann にて購入しました。 娘が気に入って選びましたが編み始めてみてびっくり。 なんと*香りつき*毛糸でした。

 The scent is not strong. It rather smells like a gentle room fragrance. It's nice, but I  personally prefer yarns without any scents...

香りはさほど強くなく、ルームフレグランスのような香りです。 悪くはありませんが、個人的には毛糸に香りはいらないような気が・・・。

We drink lots of cold barley teas or mu-gi-cha (麦茶) in our house during summer. Here I placed a glass of cold barley tea on top of this cotton doily coaster.  As I write this, I am drinking this ice cold tea!

Hope the weather is treating you nicely where you live... ;)

我が家では夏の間は麦茶をたくさんいただきます。 冷たい麦茶をグラスに注ぎ、編みコースターにのせてみました。 今もこのブログを書きながら冷たい麦茶をいただいています。



cocostitch said...


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute and I've never had barley tea! will have to try that.
It's always hot in Florida but thankfully we have air!

Unknown said...

Thank you, ladies!

Jeannie, barley tea is very popular in Japan and it's good for all ages because it's is caffeine free and refreshing... BTW I wish we had a/c in our house, too!

Unknown said...

cocostitch - そちらは気温が109F!まで上昇するんですね! 90F程度の暑さで文句言ってる私は根性なし…ですね。笑。私は、暑さも寒さもどちらも苦手なので正真正銘の根性なしです~。

Z said...

I'm in Northern California.

Not as hot here as it is where you are, but every now and then I turn on my AC.

I really enjoy iced tea, and those doilies are nice too.

Unknown said...

Hello, Z! Hope you continue to enjoy your crafty time with a sip of ice tea! And lucky you to have AC in your home ;)


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