Personalized gift set for baby Ayano  あやのちゃんにお名前入りのベビーギフト♪

My girlfriend had a beautiful baby girl in May.  Her name is Ayano, and I've been itching to create a handmade baby gift to celebrate the special arrival...


I'm so glad that I finally had a chance to make a personalized bib for the special baby.  I stitched the name of the baby in the center linen panel using chain stitches.  I used the super soft double gauze from nani IRO, which is a Japanese imported fabric and the pattern of this personalized bib is from my book.  

あやのちゃんのお名前刺しゅう入りのビブを作ってみました。生地はnani IROのダブルガーゼで。ちなみに、このお名前入りビブのパターンは私の著書に掲載しています。→☆

You remember this drawstring bag with a tiny cross stitch attached to the bag front? 


The matching gift set for the baby Ayano is now complete! 


The gift was well received by my girlfriend and the baby (lol)... which made me very happy. Hope baby Ayano have a wonderful life filled with lots of joy, laughter, and prosperity!

I just love making baby gifts for that precious little person. When I'm making baby gifts, it just makes me smile :)

プレゼントは無事にあやのちゃん&ママのお手元に届いたようで一安心。気に入ってもらえたようなのでとっても嬉しいです^^  生まれたばかりのあやのちゃんの人生には幸せがたくさん待ち受けていますように・・・。


*** Love, Amy ***


Anonymous said...

Me encanta!

Christine said...

what a sweet baby gift! I love the fabric and the embriodery.

Studio Wien-art said...

Hello Amy,
I am for the first time on your blog. Well what a nice and beautiful things were made by you. I will folllow you from now on.
Greetings, Corine

Kristyne said...

They are both absolutely darling! xo k


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