Lovely stuff from Japan 日本で買ったものいろいろ。

Hello everyone and Happy September!  

Both of our girls are finally back in school full swing from this week after a long summer and things are settling back to normal in our household... Oh how much I love the month of September! 


Felt squirrel making kit from Japan

Thanks to the lovely comments you had left on my previous post about my recent trip to Japan! Today I'd like to show you some of the pretty stuff/fabrics/notions that I got from my recent trip.



* * * * * * * * * *

First off I got these lovely fabrics, trims, and a handy kit to create a charming Hungarian Rose embroidered coin purse from a shop called Angie Angie of Kyoto, Japan.


I did not have a chance to visit Kyoto during this trip (unfortunately), but I was able to visit their temporary booth set up at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan.  The shop owner, Ms. Ashida, was so charming and I had wonderful time chatting with her while I shopped.


* * * * * * * * * * 

My next stop was from my fav spot, Nippori Textile Town, in Tokyo.
お次は私の大好きエリア、東京の日暮里繊維街にある手芸雑貨店On Travellingさんへ。

 The shop name is On Travelling and they carry the sweetest buttons, trims, notions and such as you can see from my purchases above!


* * * * * * * * * * 
Then I got more treasures at a vintage fabric/feed sack specialty shop called A-Materials, in Kichijoji, Tokyo.


  I could not take pictures inside their shop but their feedsack collection was amazing!  The below images are the swatches that were included inside the small precut set (shown in above image to the left).


After exposing my expenditures in Japan... I just hope that my hubby is not reading this post... lol!

日本であれこれと好きなものばかり買い物してしまいましたが・・・夫がこのブログ記事を読まないことを祈るばかりです。 オホホ!

Finally, I sent off small souvenir packages to all of those talented bloggers who had kindly participated in my recent Zakka Handmades Blog Tour 2013 to help me promote my book release. I will always be grateful to those fabulous ladies with big heart and amazing talents! (Although all the chocolates in the packages probably melted so badly while I brought them over from the super hot and humid Japan!)

最後になりましたが、今年6月下旬から7月中旬にかけて私の著書をネット上で紹介していただく「2013 Zakka Handmadesブログツアー」に協力してくださった手芸ブロガーさんたちにも、心ばかりの小さなお土産セットをお送りさせていただきました。参加ブロガーさん方にはこれまでも、これからもとても感謝しています♪(但し、暑い日本から持参したお土産のチョコは完全に溶けてしまったと思いますが・・・ごめんなさい~)。

***Love, Amy***


Sarah said...

Oh Amy... I just received my sweet little package! I love it so much. What a lovely surprise. Thanks so much.

Your purchases are fantastic... great fabrics and trims!


Unknown said...

Hi Amy, thank you for visiting my event in Osaka and writing about our stuff and my shop Angie Angie.I'm Nobuko Ashida.As I said at that time we've met I'll try to upload our fabric on my online shop.So please look forward to looking at them. And I hope to see you again sometime in the US.

アミーさん、こんにちは。うめだ阪急のイベントへ来てくださってありがとうございます。またAngie Angieについて書いていただいてありがとうございます。その時に行ったとおり、Angie AngieのOnlineshopに布もアップしていきますので、楽しみにしていてくださいね。またお会いできたらいいですね。日本でもアメリカでもね。


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