Shoes bags for our girls 娘達にハンドメイドの靴袋。

Hello everyone!

I remembered that I hadn't shared with you what I had sewn for my girls several weeks ago, before our recent trip to Japan


I stitched these drawstring bags with bag straps using coordinating fabrics.  These bags were made to keep shoes for our girls during the trip.


For the lining, I used vinyl fabric that I got from Daiso, or Japanese dollar store in California.  No matter how often I wash our girls' shoes, they get very dirty quickly!  I thought vinyl lining makes it convenient to store dirty shoes inside...


Small iron-on patches are attached to each bag. Of course, the girls had to argue about who gets the "pink" bow over the "blue" one... (Our girls just love pink so much!)


The girls made good use of these bags over this summer. Hope their feet don't get too big so that they can continue to use these shoe bags for years to come... lol!

Enjoy your week!



***Love, Amy***


Christine said...

Those are so cute. I made a drawstring bag for my son to put his extra clothes at nursery school in. I love to see in his cubby when I bring him in. I wish I had done handles like your bags.

Svetlana said...

oh, these are wonderful, Amy.

pratima said...

Adorable and so convenient! Love the sneak peek of red and white dots from the inside :)

Sou Nai Nai said...

Bought your book "Zakka Handmade" today. Really great ideas and crafts. Love it! Thanks! ;=]

Unknown said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely comments, ladies!

@Sou Nai Nai - Hope you enjoy making zakka items from my book! Thanks a bunch and happy zakka sewing to you ;D


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