Making simple crocheted necklace with beads and embroidery floss☆ パールビーズと刺繍糸でかぎ針編みのネックレス☆

I made a simple crocheted necklace using faux pearls and gray embroidery floss (I used pearl cotton).


Necklace can be worn two-tiered or three-tiered, whichever I prefer.


I basically followed instructions from this lovely crochet book from Japan.

Publisher: Jitsugyo-no-Nihon-sha
ISBN-10: 4408420336
ISBN-13: 978-4408420332

今回は村林和子さんの編み物本を参考にさせていただきました。可愛いもの、編みたいものがいっぱいの素敵な本です♪ →☆

To make this necklace, all faux pearls (or pearl beads) are threaded through the embroidery floss before being crocheted.  Tip: Adding a dab of craft glue to one end of the floss and drying it completely will make the threading easier.

このネックレス、まずはすべてのパールビーズを糸に通すことから始めます。 刺繍糸の先に少量のクラフト用ボンドを付け、完全に乾かしてからビーズを通すと簡単です。

First row is entirely chain stitches (foundation row). Then, second row is made up entirely of slip stitches, but by adding beads at desired intervals.


Once all beads are threaded, crocheting part goes fairly quick.  It only takes some beads, embroidery floss (or crochet threads) and a crochet hook to make this simple beaded necklace.  I'd definitely like to make more of these effortless charm in the near future!  

いったん、ビーズさえ通してしまえばあとは時間を見つけて少しずつ編めば完成です。編み物はどこへでも持ち運びできるのが嬉しいですね^^  難しいテクニックなしに仕上がるのでこれからももっと作ってみたいです♪

Speaking of handmade necklaces... Here are the fabric necklaces that I made for my mom and my younger sis in early summer. 


As you may recall, I've made a couple of these lightweight fabric necklaces in the past for myself and for my friends, such as this one I made for myself... 


 And these I made for my girlfriends!


Here, the fabric necklace is worn by my younger sis #1. 

 I don't own expensive necklaces..., but for me, these *inexpensive* handmade necklaces are as amusing and delightful to wear everyday!

Happy handmade necklaces (^^♪

私にとっては高価なネックレスをするよりも、シンプルな手作りアクセサリーを日常使いするほうが似合っているのかもしれません。というより、高価なネックレスは持っていないからしたくても出来ないというのが本音かも~! (苦笑)

***Love, Amy***


pratima said...

Absolutely love your idea of adding pearls and making a crochet necklace so beautiful and elegant! The neutral colors will go with all kinds of girly tops or dresses. Your fabric necklaces are also equally adorable, great way to personalize with pretty fabrics from our stash. Thank you for sharing, Amy!

Unknown said...

So sweet of you @pratima! Handmade necklaces are the best - they're quick to make and delightful to wear! And it doesn't cost much to make one... ;P


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