Puffy Ponytail Bows made from my book ♥ふわふわリボンゴムたくさん作りました♥


I stayed up late last night to put together these "puffy ponytail bows" for my oldest girl. As you may already know from my previous post, my fourteen year old loves pastel colors, hence she selected these fabrics.

♫母さんが~夜なべをして~リボンゴムを作りました~♪ すみません字余りですが(笑)昨夜は深夜までこんなの作っていた母さんです。前回に引き続いて今回も中学生長女からのリクエスト作品です。

These were made for my daughter and her friends. I had to rush to make these last night because she wanted to bring these to school on Monday morning for some sort of school activity. (And today is Sunday)!


Here's the view of the back side of the ponytail bows...


The project is featured in my book, Zakka Handmades


***Love, Amy***
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