Sewing for my newborn nephew♪ 甥っ子君に手作りベビーギフト♪

When my nephew was born in October, I was so happy that I immediately began stitching his initial and birth date onto a piece of linen...


... to create this simple patchwork drawstring bag.


Then I whipped up these handmade bibs for him... 

Actually I wanted to keep on stitching more handmade goodies for the cutest baby boy but due to the lack of time... I instead rushed to our local Target store and bought more baby stuff! lol

その後もちくちくと手作りビブなど作ってみました。 本当はもっとハンドメイドのギフトを作り続けたかったのですが時間的制約もあり。。。

Here is what I got from our local Target store for my baby nephew. (Oh and the chocolates are for the new mom and dad!)


I packed everything up and shipped to my youngest brother's family who lives in Tokyo. Hope the baby likes the gift!


***Love, Amy (the proud aunty ♥)***

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Tomomi McElwee said...


CreativaCale said...

Love this patchwork bag.
Sending Love and hugs for a wonderful New Year.
Cale from Serbia


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