Raindrops pouch for my girlfriend♡ レインドロップス(しずく)のポーチ ♡

My girlfriend visited me with her cute little boy over the weekend. I stitched up a small gift for her just because she deserves something special from me!


The pouch design is my original. I call it the "Raindrops pouch" because it's the pouch version of the "Raindrops Tote" from my book :)


The "raindrops" are made from cut out felt and then machine appliqued on to linen panels. 


Friends are like stars... you can't always see them, but you know they're always there ☆彡 This is my favorite quote that truly describes my feeling for my friends.


***Love, Amy***

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Dieni said...

Hello Amy!

Just wanna say I love ur book! It just happen that I want to ask about copyright permission of your pattern from the book then I find ur blog (and this post! It's soo coincidence..) here :)
Yeah so.. I got 2 questions;
1) are we allowed to make & sell items made based on your pattern from the book? I especially love ur Kotori zipper pouch & rain drops tote ;)
2) What kind of linen fabric do you mostly use for your zakka items? I tried to find online but there're sooo many types which I dont understand the different; washed linen, unbleached linen, irish linen, etc. :s Probably you could share ur fave type of linen, or the color of linen, or ur fave source to buy them? I'm living in Singapore, and so far I saw mostly big printed linen in local fabric store.
Thanks a bunch! :)

Anonymous said...

That pouch is so cute! I think the most favorite thing from your book is the buckets! But I won't know for sure till I've made them all.ahh.a.ha.a.a.
Love Jeannie


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