Celebrating Japanese New Year in Southern California 2015 ♪カリフォルニアで日本ふうのお正月♪

Happy new year everyone!

As a Japanese family living abroad (i.e. Southern California), I try my best to celebrate our New Year's Day with traditional Japanese new year food, mainly for our girls who are born and raised here in the U.S. 

If you've been following my blog for several years, you've seen the same food over and over, year after year for the New Year's Day post and here I go again this year! lol  Here's is the list of prior year posts of New Year on this blog :


2010 →
 (*includes explanation of traditional dishes)



Every year I prepare new year food in abundance, pack them in several ju-bako(重箱)lacquer boxes (I own several of them), so that I can share the food with my friends and neighbors. This year I was not able to cook as much variety of dishes, so I prepared red bean rice to fill in the space. Red bean rice or Osekihan (お赤飯)is considered as festive food in Japan.


We made chopstick holders with these origami papers.


 The food is packed in  ju-bako lacquer boxes, then wrapped in furoshiki (風呂敷)wrapping fabrics like this before delivered to our friends and neighbors.


We feel blessed to be able to celebrate this new year with good food surrounded by family and friends. Wishing you all have a prosperous and healthy 2015 with lots of crafty time!


***Love, Amy***

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