Handmade crochet hook case for the young crocheter♪ 手作りかぎ針ケースをプレゼントしました♪

The rainy season is over and summer has come to Tokyo... Temperature is hitting way over 90F or 33C everyday with high humidity and it's just hot, hot, hot around here!


Despite the miserable weather... I stitched up this handmade gift for a sweet twelve year old girl who makes the loveliest amigurumi with yarns and hooks! 


It's a handy crochet hook case made with the pretty goat fabric. The pattern is my original.


I like to add these tiny embellished balls to decorate both cord ends. How to make these balls are clearly instructed in my book, Zakka Handmades, if you're interested ;)


Aside from the above handmade gift, here's another wip that I'm working on.
Hope you're enjoying your summer stitching!


Hugs from Tokyo,
***Amy Morinaka***

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