Sewing for our home and family ♪身のまわりのものをあれこれ作っています♪

Hello everyone from the humid and rainy Tokyo...☂

I'm happy to be back here after a long break from blogging... Yes we're doing fine, adjusting to the life in Japan as a family, day by day.  I've been busy with kids, work, home, and everything in between that I haven't had a chance to get back to daily/routine sewing mode as I used to do back in the U.S., but I'm hanging in there!



Despite the lack of sewing time, I still managed to sew a couple of things over the past several weeks for our home and family, such as...


Patchwork/quilt-as-you-go doormats/kitchen mats. I've made two of them and I'm willing to make more!


Backing is pre-quilted fabric in navy. 


 In between the quilt top and the pre-quilted backing, I sandwiched batting and heavy cotton (four layers of fabrics).  These layers make the mats really soft and cushion-y.


Above you see two handmade mats at our kitchen floor. These stash-busting mats are so fun to make! I enjoy sewing these everyday things the most, as there are no rules or instructions to follow to make them. Mindless sewing really frees up my mind and relieves every day stress ;)


Then I stitched up these wiping cloths or zo-kin (雑巾)by upcycling old towels in our household.  Hope you like the fussy-cut patches that I added to decorate the wipes! lol


I may make a bigger version of these to make bath mats.


I also made these quick and easy curtain for the shoe rack.  Gingham check fabrics are my all time favorite!


Using summer kimono fabrics, I stitched up this baby set (bib and shorts) for my youngest nephew who is nine months old.


For reverse side of bib, I used double gauze.


Japanese kimono fabrics comes in a roll like this. The width is approximately 14 inches (35 cm)
wide. I got this Japanese summer kimono fabric roll from my mom a while ago.

こちらが母から譲り受けた浴衣地です。海外の方にとっては、服地・生地がこのような幅の狭いロール状になっているのは珍しく映るようです。浴衣地の幅は35 cmほどです。

I continued to sew more shorts for my young nephews and nieces.


The panda fabric (in olive green) is from the local dollar store, or 100 yen store. These fabrics are super lightweight, tenugui (手拭い)fabrics that are perfect for summer weather.


Well that's it for today!
I'm hoping to squeeze in more stitching time this summer (fingers crossed!)

この夏はもっとソーイングしたくてたまらない Amy でした☆ 皆さんもお忙しい生活の中でもほっこりできる手芸タイムを大切にしてお過ごしくださいね^^

Hugs from Tokyo,
***Amy Morinaka***

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Svetlana said...

Such lovely makes Amy. And how wonderful to hear you and your family are adjusting well to your new life in Japan.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what you sew it always looks adorable and fun to do!!!
Glad you are settling in. It has to be a change but oh what fun!!
Love you!

Tomomi McElwee said...


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Oh yes, so much rain this year! But I am scared to wish for blue skies and the sun because that will mean the heat and humidity will be here :( Beautiful makes!!

Lilla dør said...

Beutiful and lovely.


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