❤︎Flower crochet potholder ❤︎ かぎ針編みでお花のポットマット❤︎

Every once in a while I have a strong urge to put all chores aside, pick up my hook and start crocheting... Ideally I prefer quick projects that can be finished in a couple of hours.


So one night I picked up a crochet hook and a few skein of yarns from my yarn stash (cheap acrylic yarns from local Yuzawaya) and madly began crocheting... 


... and finished a flower potholder♥


For pattern, I lightly followed this Japanese craft book.


Back side of potholder (裏側)

Crocheting (or knitting) is a proven stress reliever and I totally agree. The best part is the sense of accomplishment I get from finishing one tiny project like this one. It's especially therapeutic when you're raising teenagers in your house. lol 

編み物は科学的にも実証されたストレス発散法らしいですが私自身、身をもって実感です。こんなに小さな作品をひとつ完成させるだけで達成感が得られるし、気分もうきうきと楽しくなれるんですよね♪ 反抗期のお子さんをもつ親御さんには特にお勧めです(笑)

Now I use this potholder to drink green tea (I drink at least three to four cups of green tea throughout the day).


...Of course with my fave Moomin mug cup!


What have you been making lately? 


***Amy Morinaka***

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Anonymous said...

Those are so adorable!! I love quick projects like that too. Haven't been doing much lately but hopefully get back in the swing in Jan. Sometimes you just need a break :)


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