Happy Thanksgiving 2015 and My New Potholder☆ 感謝祭2015 キッチン柄の手作りポットマット☆

Happy Thanksgiving to my dear friends and family from our kitchen to yours!


Well actually we don't have Thanksgiving here in Japan, but I still wanted to express my gratitude to my family, friends, and to those of you who follow and support my random thoughts and creations over here on my blog, FB, IG, and Flickr♥ Thank you my friends for your support and encouragement!! It means so much to me!

ご存じの通り日本では感謝祭は祝いませんが、この場を借りていつも私の拙いブログや Instagram, Facebook, Flickr などを見て下さっている方々に厚くお礼を申し上げます。皆さんありがとうございます♪

Image from Country Living website 

What I miss the most about the Thanksgiving in the U.S. is... the food! I especially miss those yummy pumpkin pies from the States♥♥♥


Thinking of Thanksgiving dinner... I stitched up another potholder with "kitchen" print in the middle.


In fact this potholder may end up as one of holiday gifts to my family and friends... I'll see.


Pre-quilted polka dots fabric used for the back side.


May the wonderful Thanksgiving day bring lots of love and happiness to you and your family!


***Amy Morinaka***

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