Patchwork Log Cabin Dome Pouch ☆ パッチワークログキャビンで五つ星バッグ ☆

In Japan, we are in the midst of "Golden Week" or one of the longest holiday period for workers and students.  Trains, airports, amusement parks, shopping malls, and everywhere else gets very crowded during this period in Japan.

日本の皆さまにとってはゴールデンウイークですね。 アメリカで長年暮らしていた頃にはゴールデンウイークとは無縁だったので、日本のこの連休にはまだまだ馴染みが薄い私です。

While many people travel during this period, I've been staying home, doing what I enjoy the most... sewing! Yay! Well I'm still cooking, cleaning, washing, and doing all sorts of daily chores for my family, but still it's nice to have more time to myself.


Using this scrappy log cabin block that I pieced a while ago...


I made this dome pouch/bag.


To make this pouch/bag, I followed my original pattern: Stella Dome Pouch. But this time I replaced the friendship stars with scrappy log cabins.


Reverse side. I love this floral print from Kokka Irome collection!


 I like to listen to the radio while I sew. And I often lose track of time when I'm sewing! 


I made a pot full of fresh salsa today. Tomorrow my youngest brother's family is coming over and guess what we'll have for lunch together? Tacos, of course! 

Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful month of May.  Talk to you soon❣



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