Patchwork lanyard

I made a colorful patchwork lanyard using fabric scraps.   Lately, I've been taking a walk with our neighbor, several times a week for exercise, and I wanted to have a good sturdy lanyard to hang my house key around my neck while I walk.

This lanyard is approximately one yard (91.5 cm) in length.   And to add strength, I attached medium weight interfacing throughout the patchworked fabric.

The swivel clip is attached at the end to hold the key, etc.

The interfacing really helped add the sturdiness that I wanted for this lanyard.  However, it turned out to be too sturdy (and somewhat stiff) that I had such a hard time sewing the layers of fabrics and interfacing together, that I broke the sewing machine needle while I attached the swivel clip at the end!  OMG it was so dangerous to sew this thing!! 

Here, I asked my 10 year old daughter to wear the lanyard around her neck, just to give you an idea of how it looks like when worn by some one (sorry for the dark pic).

I'd like to make more of these patchwork lanyards, but next time, I think I will use the light weight interfacing instead of the medium weight one, to avoid breaking more needles!


PY said...

Lanyard made from patchwork.What a creative idea you have ! Well done !

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY! I'm constantly searching for a good use of my ever growing fabric scraps, and patchwork lanyard is just one of them ;)


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