Gift from our aunty

Using my hand carved eraser stamps, I just made and sent a thank you card to my hubby's aunt in Japan.

The thank you card is for the gifts that we received in the mail earlier this week.   In the package we found...

These crocheted dish sponges made by our aunty.
Aren't they lovely?

These are too cute to use in our kitchen!

And another special gift is this.

Nuno-zori, or handmade Japanese sandals made of fabric strips, one for my hubby and one for me.   These are so comfy to wear in barefeet!

I have never made one of these Nuno-zori fabric sandals by myself yet, but these are very popular in my home country. 

It's very eco-friendly, because they can be made out of recycled fabrics found in our house (such as old clothing, towels, sheets, fleece wear, etc. etc.)  And the best part is that these fabric sandals can be machine washed (and line dried), so they're great for wearing as room slippers, especially during the summer time.

Just to give you an idea, I found an online English tutorial and Japanese tutorial on how to make these Nuno-zori.

Being a craft lover myself, I love to give and receive handmade gifts :)  Thank you, aunty, for the fabulous gifts!!


Hiromi said...

Hi Amy! I just got some Nunozori from a lady. She is the wife of my father's friend and making Nunozori is her hobby. They are very cute and feel so comfortable to wear.
I am still in Japan! And I don't have time to update my blog! The schedule is so tight. I really wanna write about what we did and what I bought in Japan! I wish I could stay up later and write.

cocostitch said...

dish spongesは”アクリルたわし”って呼ばれているものですかね?すごく可愛い!私の友人が沢山作ってました。アンパンマンとかキャラクター物を。(笑)

Unknown said...

Hiromi - So nice to hear from you from Japan! 布草履の履き心地はそれはそれは快適です。 私もいつか作ってみたい!と手作り欲がメラメラ?燃えています。 そちらでは熱中症!などにはくれぐれも気をつけて、引き続き日本での滞在をエンジョイして下さいね♪

cocostitch - 今回、叔母さんからは手作りアクリルたわし&布草履の豪華セットをいただいたというのに、私からはカード一枚しか送ってないという…。私も何か手作りギフトを考えたいと思います~。 

PY said...

The crocheted dish sponges are so pretty . The Nuno-zori fabric sandals are so cute and so practical ! You are so lucky to get these handmade gifts !

Unknown said...

Thanks, PY! The Nuno-zori, or 布草履, are super comfy to wear and I'm loving it. This is definitely added to my forever long "to-do handmade craft list"!!


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