Sewing with my serger

Ever since I got a  serger for myself, I've already made a couple of items using my favorite machine.

For instance, I sewed up this summer lounge pants for my older daughter recently.   The fabric is seer sucker from Japan, which was on sale for less than $2/yard.  Oh, how much I love bargains... especially if it's for the fabrics ;)

The pants pattern is from this Japanese sewing book.

Title: "Handmade Summer Clothing for Girls 120 cm - 140cm in Height"
ISBN: 978-4-8347-3031-9 (4-8347-3031-X)

The book has many cute patterns of shorts, pants, blouses, and dresses for young "tweens".

I also whipped up a chiffon scarf with serger recently.

This was a super quick sewing project, in which I simply cut out fabric with a pair of scissors and serged all four edges using the rolled hem function.

rolled hem

It was so quick and easy that I made two scarves at once.
I decided to send one to my mom-in-law in Japan. 

 The best part about sewing with sergers/overlockers is that it makes normally hard-to-sew fabrics such as this chiffon, knit fabrics, spandex, etc... so easy to tackle without any special techniques.   And I can't wait to sew more garments using my serger!

Happy serging and happy sewing!!  Hope you have a relaxing weekend ;)


PY said...

The lucky girl now has chances of wearing mum-made clothings ! And I like your pretty chiffon scarves.

cocostitch said...

いいな~ いいな~ ロックミシン♪ 欲しくなっちゃいます。いいな~ いいな~ (笑)

Francesca said...

I love your blog and all your creations are really wonderfull! Francesca

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

PY - Thanks for your encouraging comments, always! I'm happy to see my girls wearing my handmade clothing, however, I just wish that I started sewing when they were much younger (I acutally began sewing from 3+ years before), when they were not as picky as they are now ;)

cocostitch - ロックミシン、いいですよ~。私みたいに何のテクなしでもそれなりにきれいに仕上がるんですから!ただ唯一の問題はロックを購入してからというもの、洋服縫いのための布買いがまた増えてしまったこと…!ああ、これ以上布山増やしてどうするの~、もう大ピンチです~!

Francesca - Nice to meet you (online ;) and thank you for visiting!! Your nice words really made my day :)


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