Handmade summer scarves

Today, I wanted to show off a handmade scarf that I've been using all this summer, for sun protection purposes and as a fashion accent ;)  

No, this scarf is not my handmade... but instead, it's a scarf that I purchased from my blog friend, cocostitch's etsy shop several months ago. 

The fabric is 100% cotton voile, which is very comfortable to wear around my neck.  And I love how these beautiful fabrics from Anna Maria Horner are combined together.

It's really nice ^^

And because I love wearing scarves (in both hot and cold weather), I made a simple gingham check scarf using linen/cotton blend fabric from Japan.

I simply tri-folded the seams of all four edges and sewed all around the scarf.

Then, I stitched this Eiffle tower tag that reads "Handmade Linen & Cotton" near one corner of the scarf. 

Thank you cocostitch for this cute tag!  I love Eiffle tower motifs, and I can't believe how a small tag as this one adds special touch to the simple handmade scarf :)

This scarf became a gift to my younger sis #1 who lives in Japan.
(All of my four younger siblings live in Japan).

Since I have a bit more of the same gingham fabric left on hand, I will definitely make another scarf like this one for myself :)

Because a girl can never have too many scarves... right?


cocostitch said...


Unknown said...

cocostitch さん作のスカーフ、布合わせも質感も大好きで本当にこの夏はヘビロテさせてもらっています。 私は普段、同じような服ばかり毎日着ているので(モノトーン系のトップス+ジーンズ)スカーフはとても重宝します。 素敵な作品を作って下さりありがとう♪

PY said...

Love your gingham check scarf. Gingham check is so pretty and suitable for making all sorts of crafts as well as clothing .

Unknown said...

PY, I totally agree with you - Gingham checks are forever in our hearts! And purple is my favorite color, so it's double the happiness!


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