Flat zipper pouches for fundraising

My sewing buddy (or my Brother machine) and I were sewing up a storm over the past weekend, making many, many zipper pouches like a maniac...  I made ten of these flat zipper pouches, currently up for sale on my etsy shop

Yes, I just reopened my shop!  And I decided to donate 100% sales proceeds of these pouches, excluding shipping and handling, to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund. 

The exterior of these pouches are made exclusively of Japanese imported cotton and cotton/linen blend.  Each zipper pouch measures approximately 4 inches x 9.25 inches, or 10 cm x 23.5 cm in size.  They are fully padded with fusible fleece batting.

As you can see, I attached a small wood bead using cotton cords, to the zipper pull of each pouch.

It's a good size to hold a cell phone, digital camera, and other gadgets...

Or to carry crochet hooks, a small pair of sissors, and yarn needles in one place...

And it's a perfect size to store pens and pencils, of course.

In addition to these flat zipper pouches, I listed these wristlet key fobs that I made earlier, on my shop.

Initially, I made these key fobs to donate entirely to my friend's upcoming fundraising event, but  I learned that there are still a couple more weeks until the event.   So, I decided to sell these online for now. 
(I will make more for my friend's fundraising event later).

Just like the flat zipper pouches, I will donate 100% proceeds of these wristlet key fobs (excluding shipping & handling), to the American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund. 

My goal is to raise and donate $500 proceeds to the American Red Cross, through my creations.  So wish me luck on sales of these items, and more creations to come!
Thank you for reading and hope all is well for my dear fellow crafters and blogger friends :)


Farah said...

Very cute pouches Amy, but mainly your aim behind the project is more great...
If you love to play with colours and flowers? Please visit me at

kat said...

beautiful work ~ a commitment ~ a big heart ... all I can say is YOU ROCK...hugs

Unknown said...

Thank you, Farah! Thank you, kat!! Nowadays, I try my best to make use of any small chunk of time during the day to sew more items for the Japan Relief. Encouraging comments like yours really keeps me going :) Thank you so much!! Love, amy


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