Girls Day 2011

Today, March 3rd, is Girls day in Japan. 

On this day we celebrate to ensure our daughters' future happiness by displaying Japanese traditional emperor and empress dolls in our home.
This is how one corner of our living room looks like right now.

Our dolls may not be as traditional as it should be in Japan... but I still like to celebrate this day with our girls (and my hubby ;) by displaying our small dolls and crafts.

And something from the crafty side...

I embroidered my newly born nephew's name on to linen this week.
Here are some quick peek of it. 

Hopefully, I can finish this project during this weekend for the baby.

Happy girls day to you all!


PY said...

I get to know Japanese girls have such a special day for them from this post. It is interesting and I wish your girls all the best in their undertakings !

Unknown said...

Thank you, PY, for your warm comments always!

In our culture, we have a saying that once the Girls day is over, these dolls must be put away immediately, or otherwise the girls in that house will end up being single forever, or at least for a longer period of time... Therefore, I shall put away these dolls asap, but because we get to see these dolls only once a year, I usually don't put them away immediately after the Girls day is over.

Today is March 6th, and the dolls are still displayed in our house :P Well, I guess our girls will stay with us for a looong time... ;)


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