Key fobs for Fundraiser

Ever since the catastrophic earthquake struck Japan one week from today, I had been so worried and depressed, feeling helpless and powerless, thinking about the people in Japan and the continuing concern over the nuclear crisis.

Then, my girlfriend contacted me recently to let me know about the fundraiser that she is planning to have to help the recent quake/tsunami victims of Japan.

 Without any doubt, I immediately decided to join the fundraiser, and last night I made these keyfobs, or wristlet keyholders, for donation.

I plan to make more items and to donate the entire proceeds to the fundraiser.   At the same time, I decided to reopen my etsy shop soon to list more handmade items to donate the proceeds to the charity.

What I can do now for the quake/tsunami victims is very small, but  I hope that I can at least do something and not just to sit around and watch the news crying... :(

Thank you very much for reading, and please continue to join me to pray for Japan... Thank you.


Farah said...

Hello Amy

they are beautiful... and more beautiful is the mission for which you have this... I too post something for this purpose... if you please pay a visit and pray for them
With love

Unknown said...

Thank you, Farah, for your kindness and support to help the quake victims in Japan. Also... Happy 50th blog post to you!

With love, Amy


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