Crochet star stitches seat cushion

Recently, I crocheted this *star* stitches seat cushion.

In case you are not familiar with star stitches, they are decorative crochet stitches that add texture to the projects.  As you can see, the individual stitches really look like *stars*!  I also learned that these stitches are called "daisies" or "marguerite" stitches.

Here's the close up of the star stitches... I really like the lumpy *stars* on my new seat cushion! 

First I was a bit intimidated to master these stitches on my own, but after playing around with yarns and hook for a while, I learned that these stars  are made simply by the combination of chains and several half double crochets (中長編み)。

I followed instructions from this Japanese crochet book to make this seat cushion.  Although I made the cushion size a bit bigger to accommodate my big b*** (lol)!

Book title: Winter Projects with Crochet Star Stitches
ISBN-10: 4579113683
ISBN-13: 978-4579113682
Publisher: Bunka Shuppan-Kyoku

There are also many helpful online resources out there to learn how to crochet "star" stitches.

 I used these "Thick & Quick" chunky yarns from Lion Brand...

The chunky yarns, crocheted into the puffy stitches, really add thickness to the cushion.

Back side of the cushion looks like this.

 Crocheting star stitches is really addicting that I can't stop making more stuff with them :)   

I plan to crochet another seat cushion (possibly in a larger size) for my mom in Japan.  

Happy crocheting and happy star stitches ;)   


Sam said...

I've just been catching up with your blog and admiring all the lovely things you've made!

This seat cover is really cool :-)

I'm just discovering the joys of learning to crochet, such fun!


PY said...

So pretty !

Wendy said...

It looks lovely! I like that pretty stitch.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sam, PY, and Wendy! I love you all!

I've been still hooked on crocheting these *star* stitches cushion lately, that lack of sleep is killing me! zzz...


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