Gift to my one year old nephew

My youngest nephew, who lives in Japan with his mommy and daddy, just turned one.  To celebrate his milestone and well being, I whipped up few handmade gifts for him, including this patchworked bib.

The reversible side of bib is soft gauze in polka dots.  Waffle cotton is sandwiched in between the front and the back sides of the bib for extra softness.

I also whipped up this fleece pants for the little guy.   This pair of fleece pants matches with this bear hoodie jacket that I made for him a while ago.

 Bear hoodie jacket made earlier for him

Reversible side of the jacket

Along with the handmade gifts, I also wrapped these baby/toddler items to Mr. Handsome little guy.  They are wood ABC puzzle, waterproof bib, and a set of training plate and utencils.

Happy first Birthday to my sweet nephew!  This is just a first of many joyful birthdays to come :D

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PY said...

Love this set of lovely handmade gifts ! especially the patchworked bib . :D


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