Needle felted applique coin purse

Hello all!  I learned something new this week that I had been itching to try for a long time... a needle felting applique technique.

These are the items used for needle felting: wool roving, felting needle, and a foam pad.

First I drew flowers and leaves on to linen scrap with water soluble marking pen.

Then I simply pushed small pieces of wool roving with a felting needle, straight up and down with a punching motion through linen scrap, set on a foam pad.

It's a repetitive process, and before you know it, the action of the felting needle pulls the fibers together. 

I am just a beginner but I really enjoyed the process of punching a needle back and forth through wool and fabric... It's really a good stress reliever! (lol)

I made the finished felted applique linen pieces into a coin purse using metal purse frame.

The opposite side has a small flower.

Interior of the purse has more flowers :)

I am happy of how this turned out.   Needle felting was so fun, that I can't wait to start my next project soon!

And by the way... tonight we are having our ten year old daughter's sleepover birthday party at our place, and our house is totally packed with so many girls right now (including our own girls and myself). 

The girls seem to be having such a good time together and they are all so sweet, but everyone has become so hyper that none of them are sleeping yet (and it's past 1 a.m. now!)

I've been trying to put them to sleep but I gave up...  So I'm going to bed now and leave the wild monkeys go wilder... Who knows what will happen to our house while I'm asleep (lol)!

Love, Amy***
the exhausted mom from California :D


Anonymous said...

h.ahh.aha.h.a.a...You are a brave mama!! But I know they are having a great time!
I love your felting. I have all the stuff to do some and have just not got around to it. Yours is adorable in that coin purse!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jeannie!!! I think you'll do an awesome job with needle felting so I highly recommend you give it a try if you get a chance!

So our girls are up and playing from 8 in the morning and I have no idea whether they even slept last night or not! (It's 10 a.m. right now...) Hope I can get a little more sleep tonight... Hope you have a great weekend!!!
Love Amy, from sleepless in California (lol)

Farah said...

Its lovely I never do this ...but its so lovely...
Hope you will enjoy a visit at
With love

PY said...

Love your sweet creation!


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