Handmade Easter wreath with bunny and flowers

Just in time for this Easter, I handmade this yarn wreath and decorated it with felt flowers and rhinestones. In the center of the wreath, I placed a handmade felt bunny, which is sewn with my sewing machine and filled with poly fills.

I've made a yarn wreath before last fall, and once again I followed this very creative tutorial to make this wreath. 

This time I wanted to make a wreath in cheerful and springlike colors, so I decided to used a mixed color yarn that I had in stock...  But now when I look at the finished yarn wreath, I think it looks more like psychedelic and 1960-ish than Easter looking!! (lol)

Anyways, I found this cute bunny template online from this awesone tutorial here and reduced the size of the bunny to fit inside the wreath center.  White pom pom is attached to the bunny using a glue gun to make the bunny tail.

I just hang this handmade flower and bunny wreath on our front door.  Yes, the colors are a bit flashy and hippy looking... but I think it puts us in a mood of spring! Well, kind of... right?

Before I go, I'd like to wish you all have a Happy Easter with your loved ones :)

Love, Amy  


Farah said...

Wow Amy what an adorable Bunny you have so cute I really love this tiny cute bunny very much... And your wreath is really lovely and springy too...
Hope you will enjoy a visit at
With love

Unknown said...

Thank you, Farah, for your sweet comments, as always! Wishing you the best for this spring :)
Love, Amy xo

All Hand-Made Crafts said...

This beautiful wreath is so full of easter festive... it is absolutely gorgeous

PY said...

Amy, what a beautiful and lovely wreath ! The bunny is just too cute! Thank you for the link .

Unknown said...

Thank you, All Hand-Made Crafts and PY for your loveliness!
This wreath is really quick to make... If you have a leftover yarn ball and a plain wreath, I highly recommend you to give it a try!!


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