Cloth Diaper Bath Mats with Patchwork Binding

 Last week, I posted about this handmade gift that I created for my mother-in-law. So this week, I decided to post about what I created for my own mom recently, just to be fair to my both moms (lol). 

先週は、義母のために作った手作りギフトについてご紹介させていただいたので、今週は私の実母のために作ったギフトを紹介させていただきます。 二人の母に対して、不公平感のないようにしないとね(笑)。

These are bath mats made of cloth diapers. What? Cloth diapers? Yes, cloth diapers!
 Cloth diapers are super absorbent by its nature, and they are also very soft and comfy on our feet, so they make perfect bath mats (really)!


My mom is in her mid sixties and thankfully, she lives a very active life. So far, she has five grand kids (sixth one on its way :) and her grand kids really enjoy visiting their granny, especially over the summer.  So I made these bath mats with her grand kids in mind (including our own girls who just love to visit their granny)!!

私の実母は現在60代なかば。 お陰さまで毎日いろいろと忙しくしています。現在、母には5人の孫がいて(6人目が近々誕生します:)、孫たちは皆おばあちゃんちに遊びに行くのが大好き。 我が家の娘たちももちろんおばあちゃんが大好き。夏休み中は孫たちのおばあちゃん宅訪問が盛んになります。

In the past, I've made a couple of these cloth diaper bath mats for our home, such as this one shown above. I had piles of both used and unused cloth diapers that our girls used when they were babies, sitting in our closet for a while, so one day I came up with this idea of turning them into upcycled diaper bath mats. 

うちの娘たちがまだ赤ん坊だった頃に使った布オムツ(未使用のものも含む)の始末に困っていた時、バスマットに再利用することを思いつきました。 上の写真のマットもそうですが、我が家では布オムツ製のバスマットを数年前から愛用しています。

Well this time, I used brand new cloth diapers to make these bath mats. So mom, in case you're wondering, I only used the brand new cloth diapers to make your bath mats, so worry not!! (lol)

This is the good old Gerber 3-ply cloth diapers that I used.  They come in 10 pack, so I used six cloth diapers to make the bigger mat, and I used the remaining four cloth diapers to make the smaller mat.


I love the softness of cloth diapers, especially when they're straight out from the dryer. So warm and nice :)

洗濯後、乾燥機から出したばかりの布オムツの肌触りは最高です:) とってもふわふわなんですよ~。

To make these mats, I layered several cloth diapers together, and randomly machine stitched from top to bottom a couple of times to secure the fabrics together. 


Oh and BTW I've been using these sewing clips from Clover (red clips shown in above image) when holding several fabrics together in place.  They're very convenient and helpful compared to using the regular sewing pins, when sewing bulky items together.


 The binding tape is made by combining small pieces of fabric scraps. I cut them into 3" (7.5 cm) width and pieced them together randomly to make a long patchworked tape.


As you can see, the layered cloth diapers are pretty thick and has bulk. The patchwork tape is pressed in four-fold and they're used to sandwich the layers of diapers together.

その縁取りテープをアイロンで四つ折りにして、重ねて縫い合わせた布オムツマットを挟みます。 写真でもおわかりの通り、布オムツを重ねるとかなりの厚さに

I attached a small hook at the corner of each bath mat for convenience.


These bath mats turned out a bit wonky... but I think they still do the job as bath mats ;P


Hope my mom and her *crazy* grand kids step on my handmade bath mats over and over and make good use of them over the summer :D


Thanks for visiting my blog today and hope you continue to enjoy your summer!



Oh Sew Liz said...

How clever!!! I wish I saved all mine. I need a bath at in the worst way!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Liz!
My mom seem to enjoy stepping on these *diaper* mats :)

PY said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea !:D


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